February 24, 2008

Music and Machine Embroidery

Hi have been busy last few days ...went to Perth city with daughter on Thursday to work out the bus for her to the University which she starts this week.... we also had a snoofy around then lunch ... the weather was cooler here last week so it was a good day to go (It's heating up again this week ... 33°c today and 37°c for Tuesday). Friday I tea dyed some calico and then painted it with Lumiere paint ... more on this when I have loaded pics on this computer.
These two pics are of a couple of pieces from the City & Guilds Stage 1 .... the top one is a piece based on a favourite piece of music .... the chorus of Alannah Miles "Black velvet". The second pic is my attempt at machine embroidery ... a lightening sky.... still haven't done much machine embroidery on the ol' sewing machine - I am predominantly a hand embroiderer.... I hope to "have a play" and get a chance to do some this year as it shouldn't be as busy as the last 3 years with the teaching at the AGM conference and last year was a very busy Lace bobbin painting year for me ... usually I paint around 300-350 a year but it was just over 450 last year! (Lots of commemmorative ones!)
I have been working yesterday and today on trying to finish a piece of my "Cordonnicot Needle Lace" - it is a design especially for "The Lace Place" museum at Hyden here in West Aus ... it is a frilled neck lizard ... I will take pics and post on her soon.


artisbliss said...

Lovely colors in the pieces you posted. Good for you expanding your horizons with machine embroidery. My problem with it is it seems to go so fast I have trouble controlling it!

Stitchety Grub said...

Hi Artibliss ... I had a little chuckle when I read your comment ...I know exactly what you mean about control... I don't think my foot on the sewing machine pedal and my hands guiding are actually connected to my brain ! haha I guess practice makes perfect (just gonna have to practice a lot!) :D