February 2, 2008

Summer and experimental needlelace

Here are a couple of pics the first shows the gorgeous Frangipani which is, of course as it is full Summer here, out in flower. The actual plant is in the garden behind ours but as we are on the 'sunny" side we get all the benefit of the flowers without the cost of the watering!. Yay!
The other pic is an experimental piece of needlelace using, thick and thin metallic threads, Kitchen string!!!, fine wire, beads etc.
It's a hot summer's day here again today ... we still have the air con on (at 7.30pm) and it reached a top of 37°c. Crazy son was out playing cricket in it all afternoon ... nutcase! haha!
It was the 5th Birthday of my Embroidery Group - "Stitchety Grubs" yesterday ... the other ladies hadn't even realised we were 5 already!. We had a lovely sponge "Boston" cake - a light sponge with custard filling and choc topping and I decorated it with "Smarties" in the shape of a "5" .....We are going to discuss at the next meeting (as there were 3 away yesterday) what project we would like to do next ... the theme this year is experimental ...hence the "Play day" and we are hoping to do a couple more play days when the weather cools down.
We welcomed back our friend April who had been in the UK for the last 9 months or so... we had kept in touch with her via the ol' computers which was faaaab!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am so glad you stopped by my blog and left a message.

Congratualtions on your 5th annivervary with your creative group. It must be nice to have such artistic friends to enoucrage one another to do creative projects.

I don't blame you for having the ac on. Whew it is hot there.

The flower peeking over the fence is beautiful. I can't wait until there are flowers blooming here again. I miss all the color.

Pat said...

Wow, what a beautiful plant, the colours are stunning. There are some interesting stitch combinations on your needlelace. Congratulations on you 5th. Enjoy you experimentation.

Cara said...

Is that ribbon that you have croched and couched on? What a cool idea!

Stitchety Grub said...

Hi Cara
Sorry for the delay in replying ... only just remembered to go back through last few entries to check for new comments... yes I used a fine gold ribbon and just did the buttonhole needle lace stitches with it... and then a variety of other threads... metallics in different weights... kitchen cotton string... fine wire....etc... whatever I had to hand in the studio ... the purple/blue background was some sheer fabric I had and the cut out board "frame" was covered in gold metallic stretchy material. All stitching is needle lace... I wish I had a dollar for every buttonhole stitch I have done in the last 13 years haha!