February 19, 2008

Paperbark tree

Here is a piece I did using actual "Paperbark" collected from local bush! It was machined in place then wools added and some textural hand dyed green wool which a friend gave me threaded through and tied on "sequin waste" ... it's on a background of Hessian ... which funnily enough the Aussie's pronounce as "Heshan" rather than the English way I was taught of Hess-ee-an!... one of the many peculiar pronunciations we come across here every day! haha
The one word that drives me nuts here is the way they say Maroon.... I always knew it as Mar-oon (rhymes with moon) Aussies say Mar- own! (As in when you "own" something!) I never say the word .....I call the dark red colour "Burgundy" LOL :-)
I received my postcard yesterday from Susan - Cyber Fyber so I really must try and dig out the camera and take a pic of it and the new ATC ... It won't be tomorrow as I have lace and then have to take Son to the city to the Orthodontist and on Thursday I have to go to the city with Daughter to work out what bus she needs and the stops for University which she starts next Monday! ... She still needs her Mummy ahhhhhhhhhhh hehe! :-)
I also want to go in Borders bookshop and see what's new in their craft department ... dangerous as it is ...last time in December I bought the "Paper, Metal, Stitch" book by Maggie Grey and Jane Wild ... is a beeewwwwwdiful book though! yum yum!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love these pictures of nature that you are doing with your sewing. Very unique to me. I don't do much sewing. I paint a little with watercolor and I sketch with colored pencils some.

artisbliss said...

Hi Stitchety, thanks for posting on my blog. I encourage you to try needlefelting. The way I did it (converting an old sewing machine) is not a big money layout and the conversion was not too difficult. I don't have a huge budget for that sort of thing so it was certainly the way to go for me. I like your blog and am impressed you can keep all those threads sorted out for lace making. I'd be hopeless, I know!

Cyber Fyber said...

Thanks so very, very much for blogging about CYBER FYBER! It means the world to me!

Pat said...

This must be lovely to touch. Were your ears burning yesterday because someone at EG was asking about the little scissor keeper you made for me.