February 29, 2008

Last day of Summer and a new ATC

Hi... well it's the last day of summer today ... and the first time I have been in the swimming pool! (This Summer) Our pool is a big below ground concrete one and takes ages to warm up but as the weather from Monday this week has been 37°c, 37°c, 38°c, 41.3°c and today 33°c and humid! I decided it's now or never! I have put a pic of our bougainvillea on here ... millions of gorgeous bracts ... and today at Stitchety Grubs Embroidery Group my friend April brought in some ATC's for us all ... yes I have led her astray! haha! and I think she is going to get addicted too! and here is a pic of my new bewdiful ATC ...much better colours in "real life".

1 comment:

artisbliss said...

How lovely to be able to grow bougainvillea--they sell it here in Kansas but I don't know why as it perishes immediately outside a hothouse. Love that hot, hot pink!

There are worse ways of leading someone astray than by influencing them to make ATCs. This one is very nice, by the way.