January 11, 2008

Cathedral patchwork and stick insect!

Hi All
Here are a couple of pics .. the first is of a stick insect that was sitting on our driveway "sun bathing" last Sunday ...My Hubby came in and said grab the camera as his nephew in the UK is fondly known as the "bugman" ... and has some "pet" insects of his own. I was indoors at the time loading craft pics on the computer so Hubby knew I had the camera to hand. I emailed them straight away and he was well impressed! Amazing this technology lark! The second pic is C&G Embroidery ... Experimental Cathedral Windows....It's a shame all these samples are just sitting in folders ... but what do ya do with 'em?
It's been luvly here today ...around 26°c but the forecast for next Friday when I am hostessing the Embroidery Group "Play Day" is for it to be 38°c fooey! It'll have to be less messy stuff indoors with the aircon methinks ... we will have to schedule another day when the Autumn arrives (another play day what a hardship haha NOT!) :-D

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Emmy said...

hello you won and now I need your adres so I can send the present to you
regards Emmy