January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year .... "Him indoors" and I (kids were doing their own thing!) had a great evening over our friends on New Year's Eve ... eating drinking and yakking and we went out onto their front balcony to watch the fireworks down over the Swan River down in Perth City ..... we have our big "Skyworks Show" coming up on the 26th of January to celebrate "Australia Day" ... which will be a much bigger display than Monday night's. We will be again at our friends place that night so we get a great view without actually being down in Perth and having to contend with the traffic!!! afterwards! also an excuse to eat and drink again haha! :-) I have spent the last 8 days working on the Russian Mat ... hiding in the studio in the cool ... today the top temperature was 37.5°c and 40°c is forecast for tomorrow then cooling to 33 and then up to 40 again at the weekend! Summer is here! I must start to plan what the gals will need to bring to my house on the 18th .... My embroidery group are having a "Play day" ... so I will have to write out a list of suggestions for materials etc for them to bring along... I hope that day isn't stinking hot as it would be easier to do some of the things outside! fingers crossed for a 32°c or less day.

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Pat said...

We watched the fireworks along the Thames but it was a good deal colder that you are having. 40 Wow. Good to see you blogging again. Keep it up. That's your resolution from me:-)