January 9, 2008

The Old Village and applique

Here's a pic of the "Duck Pond" which is in the centre of the village, Ashmore, in Dorset ,UK where I grew up .... I wouldn't mind a dollar for every hour spent here! The pond is very old ... a watering hole for animals in bygone days and still now for horses and wandering cattle. As kids we used to "skate" on it in winter (in our welly boots!) though one of the grown ups would drive a tractor onto it first to make sure it was strong enough ... it's not very deep except near the centre it is a bit deeper but mainly mud and duck poop! hehe! The other pic is another experimental applique from my City & Guilds, this one using mesh from Onion bags and Manderin bags as well as leather (suede side down and up) it is actually s'posed to represent an old window ....the leather is the big stones surrounding the window. I went to my lace group today and managed to "put a few pins in"!! the ladies were all suitably impressed with how much I had done to the Russian Mat over the holidays.... after lace - my friend, Ros, and I went snoofying around in Spotlight (BIG craft and homewares shop) and we both bought a BIG bottle of PVA glue for next week's "Play Day" for the "tissue paper fabric", and I succumbed to a "foil sheet", 3 embossing powders... 1 copper, 1 Antique gold and a silver .... and a little pot of hologram glitter ... just coz I liked it!! (It's called "Red rainbow" and is realy prettiful in overhead lighting!) haha!

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Annica said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love your window piece! The onion bag looks great. :-)