January 3, 2008

Phew Hot weather!

Hi- It was a stinker of a day .... 41.9°c ... there is a bush fire burning in the Eastern (hills) suburbs ... I have a couple of Lacemaking friends who live over there so I hope they are ok.
I decided last week to go through my UK "Stitch- with the Embroiderers Guild" magazines and to take out the articles I am interested in and rebind them (I have a comb binding machine) ... it's surprising how many pages are adverts .. so they went in the direction of the rubbish bin .... I have still quite a few mags to go through and have so far rebound about a quarter of them ... should make a bit of space on the shelves in the studio! yay!...
My studio is starting to look like it needs tidying ... but I will wait for another week or so as the Embroidery group gals will be here 2 weeks tomorrow so I don't want to do it too early or else I will have to do it again! hehe!

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