January 22, 2008

Tyvek and Carrier bag beads

Here are a couple of pics of the "Tyvek" and "Carrier bag" beads which Maureen showed us how to make... they were made by wrapping a small piece of "lolly" (sweet for those reading this who aren't Aussie!) wrapper around a Kebab stick, a pin laced temporarily through it, melted slightly with a heat gun to attach it to itself, pin taken out, then a strip of either Tyvek or plastic carrier bag then wrapped a little, pinned, melted, then pin taken out and the rest of the strip wrapped around, pinned again, melted slightly to attach the end, pin taken out then the whole thing melted with the heat gun until it looks ok! The Lolly wrapper is there to prevent it all sticking to the Kebab stick ... they are verrrrry funky and we all liked making them! (sorry pic quality is a little blurry - lighting wasn't good... we had to put down the carport door as the wind would have blown everything everywhere but thank goodness it was only a 30°c day and not 38°c that was originally forecast!)

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Pat said...

Great beads, the blue one look like glass.