February 8, 2007

Colonial Knots- Garden Celebration mini quilt

As mentioned in a previous post we are participating in a Monthly stitch challenge at my Stitchety Grubs embroidery group... the first stitch is "Colonial Knots" and I finished the first small square for my Pantoran today ... I will take a photo of it soon and display it on here in a couple of weeks when the due date comes up... for now though I have included some pics of my "Garden Celebration" which was one of the main module pieces in my City & Guilds a few years ago.... Yep! every single stitch is a Colonial Knot! I wouldn't mind a dollar for every stitch!!! haha! Each colour panel is about 10cmsx8cms and was based on a close up sketch of a piece of our back lawn!!! :-D It is mounted on a small quilt background which was made of Calico "blow painted" with the swirly stripes and then a very pale pink chiffony type material over the top. The border is some hand dyed fabric which I did at the time. (Still have some - must use it some time!). The idea of the Monthly stitch challenge came about when I read about Sharon B's TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge) you can see it at: http://inaminuteago.com/index.html )

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