February 10, 2007

Sequins and Handmade beads

Hi ... here is the sample I did for C&G ... sequins and handmade beads.
( Click on pic to see enlargement)

Some of the beads are coloured paper cut in an elongated triangle and rolled up, some are "tea light metal" (plain and printed ones!) or fabric .. also made from an elongated rolled triangle... some are thread wrapped tubes ...all stitched onto Mohair fabric offcut which I bought several years ago at a local Craft Fair ... one of the stalls makes jackets, hats etc and sells the scraps in a carrier bag for a few dollars...
I had a good arvo at Lacecargot lace group .. drooling over lace and embroidery books and eating, drinking and laffin' and am sitting here with a grin on my face thinking about really big South African snails with wind (you had to be there LOL! haha!)

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