February 17, 2007

"Little Frog" Cordonnicot Lace

Here is the finished "Little Frog" Cordonnicot Lace piece.
The bamboo is done in "Single Corded Brussels Stitch", as is the upper part of his head. The lower part of is face is in "Pea Stitch Variation".
The black backgound filling stitch is "Ardenza Stitch".
Beads were incorporated as the arm was worked in Single Corded Brussels and the edging is a "Single Beaded Loop Edging". The lower half of the background leaf is in "Double Corded Brussels Stitch".
The Little Frog" is not actually in the book (see entry below) as it was made after the book was published but was made as an exercise to show my students how the idea/concept starts and what the finished piece of lace can look like..... :-D

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