February 18, 2007

Purple Venetian Gros Point Necklace

Hi All, I have been busy today ... went to visit a friend in hospital this morning and when I got home dear daughter wanted me to mend her studded belt ... that seemed to take forever!..... Last night I decided to "dig out" the Purple Venetian Gros Point necklace which I started in January 2005 supposedly for a wedding in November of that year ...(I ended up wearing a different one haha! 'coz it wasn't anywhere near ready) ... I had worked on it for a week solidly back in that March and ended up with a 10 day migraine ... I was working in very dark purple fine threads ... which put me off working on it for months...I have had to ration the time I spend on it now !!!!! The pic shown was taken way back in that "Migraine March" .... Now all I have left to do to finish it ...is the cordonnet around the 2 circles and then to take it off the pad and make some tiny Couronnes to attach and then it will be done and I just have to make the 2 earrings to match! I will take a pic when it's finished and post it on here....

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