February 6, 2007

Medicine Bag - Back view

As promised in previous post here is a pic of the back of the Medicine bag ...
I went to Quilting today and am feeling very pleased as I managed to actually get some stitching done on my Kanthas Quilt... I started it a couple of years ago, but only worked on it once in a blue moon... now that our group is meeting during the daytime I am determined to get on with it! ... I finished one of the "tree of life's" today and started again on the fish!...I will take some pics next time I get the camera out. No lace tomorrow as the building where we meet is having work done on it this week so daughter and I are off to the movies to see "Dream Girls" .... lovely air con as the forecast is 40°c!. Well have to go do something creative in the kitchen ...... :-D


Frederique said...

The front was beautiful, and the back is gorgeous!!
I added your blog into my blogroll, a large list of quilting blogs.

Stitchety Grub said...

Hello Frederique
I am glad you like my Medicine bag ... it's lovely to hear from another crafty person :-D