February 17, 2007

Cordonnicot Lace Book

For more up to date information on my Cordonnicot Needle Lace please click here or copy and paste the following address below:

Hi - I have had a couple of enquiries in the last week in regards to my book on "Cordonnicot Lace", which I published 18 months ago.

It is a style of needlelace which I designed and developed myself and taught at the Sept 2005 Australian Lace Guild AGM conference and I have also conducted a couple of other workshops since. I am travelling to Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane in a few weeks time (Mid March) to teach both this lace and also Venetian Gros Point to students there.... I have had raw (no needlelace at all) beginners and ladies who have had some experience already with needlelaces participating in my workshops and everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves (although that could be due to the Chocolate available haha!... no, not provided by me but the students themselves who know I am a chocoholic!!! :-D) and produced lovely little lace pieces. As the book is self-published, it is available direct from me only. For price please email me at stitchety_grubs@hotmail.com 
The piece on the front of the book is called "Morning Starburst" and is a necklace and earring set ... it is the largest piece in the book... all the other patterns are smaller projects.

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