February 3, 2007

Medicine bag - front view and inspiration

Hi .... well, I went to see the "Miss Potter" movie it was quite good but I couldn't seem to get past Reneé Zellweger having a pursed lips all the time ....like she had been sucking on a lemon! and if you closed your eyes whilst she was speaking it sounded like "Bridget Jones"!!
The scenery in the Lake District was awesome though and the story very interesting...

Here is a pic of the Medicine Bag ...front view and also a pic of the drawing I did of a Masai Hand Ornament whilst doing the research for the "Embellishment" Module... which gave me the idea for the bag. The front of the bag has my Native American Indian Birth Totem "The Falcon" ( some of you know that I am 16th Native American Indian ) so there was other symbolism happening whilst I was designing this bag. Inside there are the traditional Items ... Turquoise stones, a silver painted bean, a tiny cloth, embroidered with a totem raven's head, tiny stick and feather etc ..... Though I don't think the assessors even looked inside! They did want to keep it ( and a couple of other items) for display at the Alexander Stitches show in 2002 but after having an assessment piece go missing in the post when I sent all the work over for the assessment, I wasn't prepared to risk leaving anything in the UK for them to post back!
I will put a couple of other pics up next time .... of the back of the bag as it's different to the front...

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