February 13, 2007

My 2 Needlelace pillows

Here are pics of my needlelace pillows ... one with them in their carry bags......
I designed and made the larger one back in 2002 so that it was "light in weight" and could be "reduced in size" for packing in a suitcase ....
The "roller" is a polystyrene cylinder covered in craft felt and then a material cover.... with a small cover cloth. A tiny pin cushion on the end to hold pins and a couple of my ballpoint needles... The roller "sits" on a polystyrene "bead" bean bag (lovely and warm in the winter LOL!) ...There is also a pic of the bags open .. I have no idea what order "Blogger" will let me post these pics so finger's crossed... Another is a shot of me with the big pillow and you can see how it leaves both my hands "free" to stitch... and then the other pic is of me with the little travel one which I made last year for my UK trip when suitcase room was at more of a premium!
Now that I have become used to working with a pillow I rarely do any needlelace without it ... you definitely need it for larger works such as My Triennial Competition "Cordonnicot" knickers!They were worked exclusively on the larger pillow.

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Art by JoyMac said...

Hi Britt,
I am just getting interested in Needlelace so your photo's are very timely......your pillow looks great