May 7, 2008

Beautiful sunset

I know, I know, here are a couple of old pics taken back in March with the old camera I still haven't had a chance to "play" with my new camera which I got 6 days ago!!! I did take the charger out and charge the special battery ... and had a quick squizz through the instruction manual! on Monday whilst the man was putting in a new hot water system as our other one died last Thursday after 15 and a half years - and yesterday I went out all morning looking at the prices for an ASUS Eee PC (Dale lad me astray telling about her new one on her blog hehe!)
As it is Mother's Day here in Australia this Sunday my kids are giving me it! I managed to get one with the Microsoft XP loaded on it rather than the unfamiliar Linux that the first shop had. It was a little dearer but had the Mouse and a soft pouch and a 4gb SD card as a bonus worked out the same price more or less!.
I also got a little external hard drive for it! I just have to wait until Sunday to receive it then try and find time next week to get it up and running!
As for these 2 pics - this was the sunset when Hubby and I stayed just down the coast at a hotel right on the beach front back at the end of March. CALM (Department of Conservation and Land Management) had been having a "burn off" (burning off the bush in preparation for next summer and the possible "bush fires") so there was quite a bit of smoke lurking in the sky all that day! it resulted in a beaut sunset!


Jennifer Rose said...

Very nice photos :D Lovely colours
BIL got an Eee PC today. Its very cute lol

artisbliss said...

You actually READ your instruction manual? I only do that when all else fails. Much too impetuous.