May 23, 2008

More Crazy belt pics!

Hi - well I have finished the Crazy belt ...late yesterday afternoon ... I took it along to my embroidery group (this morning) "Stitchety Grubs" and they all loved it (one of my friends was tempted to pop it in her bag haha!) I have been madly working on completing it as I wanted to wear it tomorrow for the all day demonstrating at the big Craft Fair here. Which is a good thing to have a deadline ... it meant I got on with it (finally!).
I haven't actually taken some pics of it finished but hope to on Sunday and once I have finished showing the early stage pics on here will put the latest ones on. (It really isn't that long a length haha!)
I have a piece of bobbin lace to take for demo-ing tomorrow... it's all packed up ready to go as I have to be out fairly early to catch the 8 am train (I have to chuck all the ingredients in my slow cooker before I leave for a chook and vegie soup so it'll be ready when I get back at whatever time in the evening! -so hence the early start!)
I noticed on my Neo Counter that I have acquired some visitors from yet more countries ... do feel free to leave a message ... I have only ever had a maximum (per blog entry) of 5 and I would like to break this by the end of the year! Thank you Susan (Artybliss) bless you - you always leave a little comment which I greatly appreciate! :D Thank you :D
Plus all you other visitors - if you do leave a comment it will give me a link to come visit your blogs! :D
Well I have to do a few bits and bobs that I have just thought of for tomorrow (to look out my Lace Guild Group badge hmmm hopefully it is in my "Tallboy drawer!"

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