May 27, 2008

A Tree for All Seasons

Hi All - I Had a great day at the Craft Fair on Saturday - Caught the train at 8 am, one lace friend already on it and we acquired another 3 a few stations closer to Perth... It was a bit showery but as we were gonna be indoors so we weren't all that worried. I went off and snoofied around the stalls for a couple of hours before settling to demonstrating some lace.
I succumbed to buying 6 more little bags of Angelina fibres.... 4 packets of "Textiva fusion foil" (had to Google it though to see what to do with it haha! - now know it is Angelina fibres when they are whole!) also a little bag of dark blue silk rods, 4 bags of little lace "flower" motifs at $2 a bag ...bargain and very useful for Crazy Patch. I also got a pack of 10 sheets of fabric that I can put through the ink jet printer...a metre of sequin braid that I may use on my Egyptian piece... I had a quick look around the Quilt Show and there were some wonderful quilts there .... I got home at 6.15pm thank goodness I had put the Slow Cooker on in the morning with a chook and Vegie soup ...mmmmm it was soooo yummy as was the glass of Vino! I spent some of Sunday, Yesterday and today - making a quilted bag for my new Asus Eee PC to go in ... I am very pleased with how it came out and will take a pic when I next wield the camera!
The two pics here are some close up shots of a needlelace and embroidery piece I made a few years ago titled "A Tree for All Seasons". It was started in a Lace Guild workshop and as usual I designed it on a rather large scale so I had a lot less to show than the other students by the end of the week! haha! but I am pleased with how it ended up looking. It is mounted on a "Silk Hankie" which I got from Dale and "mist" painted it for colour!


Pat said...

Lots to play with then Britt???? The needle lace fragments are gorgeous.

artisbliss said...

This is great, Britt.

Jacky said...

Love this piece too Britt...very dimensional and love all of the colours and textures.