May 15, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Hi -I took daughter and her friend from next door to the Domestic Airport this morning ... they have flown up to Karratha to visit a school friend who works at the mines up there. Karratha is around 1,500 kms North of Perth and it took them 2 hours to fly there!. They have gone for 12 days ... I had a text message at lunchtime to say they had landed safely and that it is 32°c there ...It's not too bad here ... a few showers this afternoon and around 22°c but we are having cooler nights around 8°c! brrrr ..The gas fire is on low most evenings now ...winter is on it's way! I have been experimenting with my new camera and was able to take quite a few pictures of some of my crafty stuff so you will at last see something in the next few days ... I have been working though of course not this morning as I was doing the "Mum's Taxi" thing! I am having trouble loading pics on Blogger - it doesn't want to co-operate :(

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artisbliss said...

I have problems loading photos on Blogger every once in awhile. Seems to have a mind of its own, for sure.