May 2, 2008

Blogging for Two years

Hi All - I have just been visiting a friend's blog where she has posted that she has been blogging for 2 years ... I suddenly realised that I too must have been near my 2 year anniversary - and yes! I missed it! :( It was on the 19th April! I also added up the entries and I have done 129 with this one so I missed the 100 mark too! Oh well! Happy Anniversary to me haha!
Here is a pic that was lurking in a folder in this computer - a piece I did ages ago (for C&G) it was an exercise in layers (fine materials). I have been working on some bobbin lace this afternoon whilst watching a new DVD (Miss Potter) I had seen the movie when it was out at the cinema's with my bestest galpal ... she always laughs at me 'cos I get teary at sad bits (OK I confess I am a blubber bum! - I even cry when there are sad adverts!) it still made me cry! even though I knew what was gonna happen! hehe! Our gas storage water heater died last night so this afternoon I have been taking kettles and saucepans full of water down to the bath in the main bathroom - we have ordered a new one but it won't be here until mid day Monday! The water heater was 15 1/2 years old - it was installed when we built this house - so did very well as they really only have around a 10 year life apparently! It's amazing how you miss something like that when you haven't got it!


artisbliss said...

Congrats on two years of blogging. I've only been doing it since last fall and I'm soooo hooked.

Too bad about your water heater. These things never seem to fail at a convenient time, and it always takes longer to get them replaced than seems reasonable.

Retarius said...

Hello, I recently started a blog and was looking through the list of people who blog from Perth to see if anyone would like to do a reciprocal link. I love a good pun and I thought your "Stitchety grub" was too cute to pass. Contrary to what you may imagine from my blog and user name, I actually appreciate the handy crafts. I learned a fair whack of tailoring from an uncle during childhood and it despairs me how many men in this era still can't fix a simple tear in their pants or sew a button. Congratulations on having a water heater that lasted 15 & 1/2 years..we won't see their like again. Pay me a visit - if you'd like to recip. with a link, leave a message in the most recent comment box. Anyway, happy blogging/stitching!