May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy (Aussie) Mother's Day to all - My kids gave me an ASUS Eee PC yay! but as I had to work in the studio this morning and was working on my crazy patch belt this afternoon - I haven't had a chance to set it up yet! I did get a chance yesterday to have a "play" with the new camera which I got 10 days ago! (I have taken some pics of the crazy patch belt and will try and get around to loading them on this computer this week).
I had trouble with MSN today ... it wouldn't recognise me and then bumped me off! I don't think the virus checker we have is that good! methinks something has gotten under it's Radar!
We had rain yesterday soaked when I went grocery shopping but it held off today when Dear Son was playing his footy game (Aussie rules footy).
I have managed to reload Neo counter back on this blog (at last) I lost it last year when I changed to the newer one (from Template to Layout!). My goal this year is to have a blog entry with more than 5 comments on it! I regularly visit one ladies and she has an average of around 14 messages each time ... :-(
I also reinstated the "Bloggers who embellish" which I also had before the new blog upgrade ... however when I filled out the "form" I couldn't see the "banner" (I assume this is the logo) so only have the wording grrr! There didn't seem to be anything to click on at step 2 when it said select the banner!
Am now not feeling brave enough to try and join any others "ring surf" thingies! :-(
Well I did have Neo counter now it has gone and the standby logo is back ! sheesh!

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