May 18, 2008

Crazy Patch Belt and Pretty Whale!

Hi All - I finally got around to loading on the pics I had taken last week with the new camera - took me a couple of attempts to master some of the settings ...It does lots more things than my old camera including having not just "Macro" but "Super Macro" settings too! I went around the garden yesterday as well taking pics as I am participating in a swap with a "Garden theme" - yep that's the piece I have been working on all this afternoon whilst watching DVD's in the studio! - I have been having a ball with beads, glittery metallic threads, sequins and all sorts! :D. This past couple of weeks I have been working on my crazy patch belt (I started it about 2 years ago and buried it in a cupboard in the studio and found it recently whilst looking for something else ! as you do haha!) - Any way I took some pics about 8 days ago and the first belt pic is here - I will pop some more on over the next few days .... and at the end of this week I will take some more as I have progressed quite a lot with it since I took these original pic! The first photo here was taken out in my garden ... some of the dead leaves of a big cactus which we have on our patio! I thought it was an interesting shot! The whale ornament I found in a local gift shop for a friend of mine for her Birthday recently - I didn't catch up with her until yesterday so now I can put the pic on here! he is about 3 1/ inches long. This coming Wednesday to Sunday there is a big craft Fair on here in Perth (We have 2 big ones each year this one and another at the end of July/beginning of August) ... I will be demonstrating lacemaking all day on Saturday with the "Lacecargot" Lace Group - last year I took a Wire Bobbin Lace Piece to do but this year I have a piece on one of my travel pillows - not wire ... cotton thread! and yep! there is a glittery "gimp" thread! - gotta have some glitz haha!
As there are 5 of us from the group going it means we can take turns to go off for a look around without having to rush back ... I will try not to spend too much! They always have some nice bead suppliers there ... I think I need some more beads! haha!and threads and ........ :-D

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artisbliss said...

I'm excited to see that garden themed piece!!