May 1, 2008

New Camera and Aussie birds!

Hi - Well the weather during the daytime is very nice ... around 22°c but last night was a bit cold! 6.9°c brrrr! Early next week though we have a 28°c day forecast - last warm fling before the winter gets here in 31 days! Here are a couple of pics I took on my way to Lace Group at Wanneroo a week ago yesterday - these were the last few pics before my camera decided to quit working! When I came out of the shopping centre and was putting things in the boot of the car - I could hear the parrots going mad in this gum tree ... if you click on the pic you will be able to see one of the colourful little fellows! I then drove across to the Recreation Centre where we meet and there was a flock of Cockies! (White Cockatoos) foraging in the grass! (There were quite a few more than in the pic but I would have needed a wide angle lens!)
I popped out this morning and bought a new camera... I decided to stick with Olympus (as I kind of know how to use the Camedia package that it comes with!) Mju840 and whilst I was at it I got a spare Li-on 42B rechargable battery, 2 x 2GB XD cards and a new case (this camera is a bit smaller than the old one). I got it at "Hardly Normal's" (Harvey Norman's!) and the guy there gave me a $60 discount - yay! I had the choice of silver or black... as my last camera was silver I thought this time I would go with the black ... here is a pic too. (It's a skinny little thing hehe!)
I got home and spent the afternoon catching up on work (bobbin painting!) and so I have yet to open the box and have a look! :-D - then of course I will have to unload the old program off this computer and load the new one on!

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artisbliss said...

Very glad you're no longer camara-less. Have fun taking photos!